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A lot of people are curious about how Instagram suggestions work. They may have seen posts in their feed that they weren’t sure how the app determined to show them. In this blog post, we’ll break down the algorithm behind Instagram suggestions and explain how Instagram suggestions work.

We’ll also give some tips on how you can improve your chances of appearing in someone’s suggested posts. Keep reading to learn more!

Within the Instagram app, you can scroll down to a section called “Suggested Posts” where you’ll find a collection of posts from people who don’t follow each other.

You may have seen these posts in your feed before. These posts are selected based on an algorithm created by the Instagram team. This algorithm calculates which posts may be most relevant to you and determines when they should appear in your feed.

How Does the Algorithm for Instagram Suggestions Work?

No one factor goes into how this algorithm works, but many different factors help determine what’s shown at the top of your feed.

Some of these include:

How often you use Instagram – If you check Instagram often, the app will select posts from users you aren’t currently following.

If you don’t use Instagram as often, the algorithm will suggest posts from accounts you already follow.

Who you interact with – The Instagram algorithm takes into consideration who you engage with most on Instagram and shows those people’s posts at the top of your feed.

This may be a person, a brand, or an influencer that is important to your interests or who your account follows.

Where they post from – Where someone is posting form can also affect their placement in suggested posts.

For example, if a user typically uploads photos taken outside, but they recently uploaded one taken inside, this may not appear as high up in “Suggested Posts” until more outdoor photos are posted.

What they post about – Similar to where someone posts, the content of a user’s posts also affects their placement in suggested posts.

If you follow an account that typically uploads photos with dogs and cats, but this week they posted a video featuring different animals, it may not appear as high up in “Suggested Posts” until more photos with dogs and cats are uploaded.

How Can I Improve My Chance of Appearing in Instagram Suggestions?

A key part of how Instagram suggestions work is that these accounts aren’t necessarily the most followed or the influencers – they’re just accounts that we think may be relevant to you based on your interests and activity on Instagram.

That means can appear higher up in “Suggested Posts” if your account follows them, likes their posts, or engages with their content. The more you interact with an account, the higher up they tend to appear in suggested posts.

If you want to appear higher in “Suggested Posts,” the key is to interact with commenters and accounts that are recommended to you! If you have your notifications turned on for Instagram, this means you’ll see comments from accounts that have interacted with your posts.

Take extra care to engage with these comments so that you can increase your chances of appearing higher up in “Suggested Posts.”


We hope this blog post gave some insight into how Instagram suggestions work! And remember, while this algorithm helps determine what shows up in “Suggested Posts”, it’s not the only factor in how Instagram suggestions work.

The more you comment and engage with accounts, the higher your account will appear in “Suggested Posts,” so make sure to interact often to see a change!

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